New Moon in Taurus - 4/30/22

New Moon in Taurus - 4/30/22

This new moon is going to be a fantastic time for beautiful beginnings.

Take some time to slow down and hone your creative interests and abilities to make money. New moons reflect the beginning of the new cycle, and Taurus represents all things that we can sense (taste, smell, see, touch, hear). There is a theme coming through for grounding and planting seeds. Taurus is an earth sign, and it is spring when seeds are literally planted. It is a fantastic time to plant your intentions and manifest.

There are some critical aspects between the moon and Pisces around this time too. With Jupiter, Mars, and Venus in Pisces, it gives a lot of dreamy, creative energy. Tapping into this energy and creating beauty in your life through ideas and plans now will be really beneficial to you in the coming months! Taurus is a very replenishing and refreshing energy, so expect these changes that you are making and intentions you are setting to make you feel refreshed and renewed. Uranus conjunct the moon will help us uncover what we need to change, shift or set intentions for in our lives. Lean into these understandings and insights because they will help you reach the next level.

Recognize when old patterns or situations appear for you. These patterns seem to remind you of how you used to be, how far you have come, and give you a choice about who you really want to be. Now is the time you may recognize it.

This collective energy is soooooo strong!! Take advantage of it, loves. You can gain so much from it if you pay attention.

We have created some journal prompt for the New Moon in Taurus. Download yours here

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