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About astrOGvibes

astrOGvibes is an online metaphysical shop for your everyday modern or traditional spiritualists seeking to add self-love to their daily rituals. Everything is infused with intentions and the energy of the moon. We also offer tarot and astrological readings. 

our mission is to...

Help everyone understand and explore their desires, hopes, mission, shadow, and calling. We believe that the more people are in tune with that individual calling and personal areas of growth and strength, the more we can collectively grow and change the world we live in.

Meet our owner: Kayley

Kayley is a spiritual entrepreneur who uses her gifts to spread knowledge and help others through her brand astrOGvibes.

When she started her spiritual journey in 2014, she became extremely conscious of the mind/body connection. She began to make healthy, whole, organic foods a priority in her household. Like for many others, it started as a holistic journey but then morphed into a metaphysical, spiritual journey. 

She created astrOGvibes in October 2020 based on an idea that came to her during super full moon meditation. She wanted to help raise the collective consciousness and help people develop a solid understanding for who they are and the divine influence they have in the world and to most importantly lead with love.

She wanted to share the things she had learned along her journey with others to help them along their self-actualization and self discovery journey. Kayley is going to school to be a clinical psychologist to help merge the worlds of spirituality and mental health for a more holistic and healing experience.

“I love bringing people to a deeper understanding of spirituality. I think that people who practice religion have such a negative connotation of spirituality and don't fully understand that the divine source that we seek answers from, isn't very different from the source they pray to. It's all essentially the same thing.”